28 Apr 2018

Borthers Quay sonham Alice de novo! Animadores assombrosamente maravilhosos.


Ron Magliozzi describes the Brothers Quay as alchemists, with "the mystifying ability to turn the 'degraded reality' of discarded doll parts, screws, string, and metal filings into profoundly expressive characters". Their monochrome Wonderland is set to a Prokofiev score which pitches to a wailing kettle crescendo as Alice falls beyond the looking glass.

Follow another Quays Brother enigmagic Alice dream.

This film is like a cabinet of curiosities. Quay Brothers are among my favorite animators ever.You should know more about Brothers Quay's films, which plunge into the universe of the unconscious, in a fragmented and dreamlike language, where lights, dust, decadent scenery, strange objects and dolls in ruins haunt memories and reveal childhood fears in melancholic day dreamings. Fear and desire, delicate ruins, precious nightmares. While this is not exactly a movie about Alice, it contains many elements suggestive of the imagination of Lewis Carroll. Shifts in perception of space and time, a rabbit and a girl, a mysterious bottle, subversion of logic, metamorphosis, wild imagination. 

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