22 de nov. de 2022

Enigmagicosmic Alice and beyond

"Your universe is only you and no one else,  

Others are just material for you to experience yourself, is here to help you grow.  

Without your presence and projection, Everything is just a mass of energy.  

Your world is but a dream of experiencing yourself, 

 also a creator Personally set the game with missions.  

Quoted from /Life Big Data"


Posted by Alice Chang, in Facebook

18 de nov. de 2022

Sonja Kristina of Curved Air Narrates Neuschwanstein’s 1976 Progressive Rock Epic “Alice in Wonderland” Album – OUT NOW!


 The original version of Neuschwanstein’s Alice in Wonderland had narration in German but, for the first time, this has been replaced with English language parts read by Sonja Kristina of Curved Air. Musically this 1976 album belongs among the great prog albums and sits between Rick Wakeman’s and Jeff Wayne’s iconic narrated rock albums.

This edition has been re-mastered with a booklet that includes two separate sets of liner notes (with rare images) on the history of the band and Sonja Kristina’s 2022 vocal sessions.

Sonja Kristina said of the release “I was delighted to narrate this wonderful psychedelic musical version of Alice’s dream in a dramatic instrumental landscape. I loved Alice in Wonderland as a child and I’ve really enjoyed returning to the magic of this story. This album deserves to be thought of as a classic progressive rock album of the 1970s, so I’m pleased to have recorded the narration for it.” This was the only mid-1970s album in the ‘Narrated Rock’ genre to be unavailable in English...until now.

Available from:

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Orders placed directly with Cherry Red (while stocks last) will come with a postcard signed by Sonja

Kristina: LINK

26 de out. de 2022

Frank Gehry, Wishful thinking.

Frank Gehry, Wishful thinking. Homage to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, 2022.


"Filling BP Hall is the immersive installation Wishful Thinking, based on a scene from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Gehry renders the Mad Hatter’s tea party as a group of eleven surreal figures, twice life-size. Fashioned from brilliantly painted metal, Gehry’s abstracted interpretations of Carroll’s original characters surround an internally lit table, the glowing heart of the scene. Three overlapping woven steel “tapestries” of trees evoke the episode’s forest setting and the crumpled surfaces of Wishful Thinking’s figures establish a new visual connection with some of Gehry’s best-known designs."


 "A strange little pocket universe has opened up inside Disney Hall as starchitect Frank Gehry’s sculptural homage to the Mad Hatter’s tea party — Wishful Thinking, in a reimagined and more breathable version of the work’s recent Gagosian Gallery installation — occupies the lobby’s smaller BP Hall chamber space like a hallucination. Its already vivid and fanciful accumulation of color, texture and flighty form is amplified and echoed by the shape of the building inside and out — itself one of the more sculptural masterpieces of Gehry’s oeuvre. The result is an elevated and challenging surrealism that does amped-up justice to the giddy flush of Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that inspired the piece"Written by and photographed by Shana Nys Dambrot

 read more HERE 


"The artists and illustrators inspired by Alice were driven to discover or invent new relationships between text and pictures. The identity of the subject was subverted by the allure of the unknown and inexplicable. Rather than repeat, illustrators started to provoke and transgress. They questioned the classic idea that art should imitate or interpret an exterior reality. They also began to seek out subversion, paradox, and experimentation. The present time is filled with otherness and difference. Intertextual readings, metalanguage, multiple assemblies, nonlinear narratives. Abracadabra!"

Adriana Peliano in The hunting of Alice in 7 fits


Frank Gehry (born February 28, 1929, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Canadian American architect and designer whose original, sculptural, often audacious work won him worldwide renown. 

 LINK: 31 Spectacular Buildings Designed by Frank Gehry

21 de out. de 2022

You're at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party (oldies music dreamscape, Alice in Wonderland ambience) ASMR Based on John Tenniel

31 de ago. de 2022

Meu artigo no catálogo da exposição "As aventuras de Alice"no Farol Santander. Concepção e curadoria: Rodrigo Gontijo


Baixe o catálogo completo AQUI

My Alices in Farol Santander exhibition "As aventuras de Alice"

 páginas do catálogo que pode ser baixado  AQUI

STThe visitor strolls through a Cabinet of Curiosities, including some assemblages and collages created by me, Adriana Peliano (artist and president of the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil). There you could find illustrations by the challenging American artist Maggie Taylor on the wall, who confront the story of photography with contemporary digital technology, playing with dreams and metalinguistic approach to historical representation of women. In the same room, from my collection, books with illustrations by Andrea D’Aquino, Made Balbat, Robert Ingpen, Iassen Ghiuselev and Oleg Lipchenko among others are displayed with objects upon them carefully chosen as coming out of the books. It was a pleasure for me to play with miniatures, strange and sinister dolls reminding the animations by Jan Švankmajer, Tenniel illustrations as detachable puzzles, subjective glimpses of unconscious emerging.


See the whole catalogue


Acesse AQUI o catálogo completo da exposição.


The exhibition was concepted, designed and curated by the artist and researcher of multimedia Rodrigo Gontijo, the scenery was designed by Lee Dawkins, the art director is Tissa Kimoto and it was produced by Ayo Cultural.



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