26 de mar. de 2023

"Mundo Alicia" by Marta Vicente



Video made from the series "Mundo Alicia" by the Argentine artist and illustrator Marta Vicente. These works were exhibited at the Mar Dulce gallery, in Buenos Aires, during the months of May and June 2016.

A sensitive and intimate journey through the world of Alice created by Marta Vicente, full of fantasy and childhood reveries. In her work, she plays with the universe of mythology and fairy tales, unraveling subtle layers of meaning, between metamorphoses, forests of symbols and dreamlike landscapes. In her drawings and paitings she plays slightly with Tenniel's iconic pictures merging dreams in a panorama of alicedelias.


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 " Desde que leí “Alicia detrás del espejo” en mi infancia, siempre me incomodaron los espejos. No puedo dejar de sentir que hay un mundo paralelo que en cualquier momento aparece . Allí “Detrás del espejo”. Recuerdo que me quedaba horas delante, esperando encontrar un indicio de cómo pasar al otro lado .y cuando más tiempo pasaba, más me invadía una sensación de miedo y atracción. Lo mismo que siento cuando me asomo en alguna ventana de un piso 20. Será por eso que siempre los estoy pintando" Marta Vicente


thanks to @Semperluxus for the tip

Alice in the land of surrealists: Directed by Jean Ache, with the involuntary participation of Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy, Paul Delvaux, Max Ernst, Victor Brauner

11 de mar. de 2023

She is a he’: Was An Old Woman, the painting that inspired Alice’s Duchess, actually a man?

Curator of Renaissance art exhibition claims grotesque sitter for portrait didn’t have a disfiguring disease, as was previously thought


Quinten Massys' An Old Woman (‘The Ugly Duchess') and An Old Man, both about 1513. Photograph: The National Gallery, London/ Musée Jacquemart-André/Institut de France


"Wrinkled, furrowed, jowly and far from attractive, An Old Woman, by the Flemish artist Quinten Massys, is one of the standout paintings in London’s National Gallery. It is usually called “The Ugly Duchess”, after it became the inspiration for Sir John Tenniel’s drawing of the infamous duchess in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Now, five centuries since Massys completed his painting and 150 years after Tenniel’s interpretation, the portrait has been reassessed as neither an old woman nor a duchess, but actually as a male transvestite."


Read the whole article at The Guardian


19 de fev. de 2023

The key to transformation

Images: Adriana Peliano in Midjourney (AI)


Read the full article "... of the mushroom" by Mark Burstein in this link:
Amanita Muscaria was not the mushroom depicted originally by John Tenniel in his illustration for "Alice in Wonderland" (see below). 
In the article above Mark Burstein discusses when and how the misunderstanding grew among public opinion and also many artists who have illustrated Alice. He also looks for the original species who inspired Tenniel. 
On the other hand, I understand that this mushroom is extremely beautiful and has a magic aura due to its stronge presence in culture and collective imagination. It goes beyond the use of drugs, to processes of transformation and expansion of consciousness. 
For sure it is a good topic of discussion. 

John Tenniel. 1865

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