12 Jan 2018

Alice in Eye of the Storm by Jenny Watson

  Jenny Watson,  Alice in a god day, 1987.

‘I think as a woman you draw on your background as a girl growing up, as well as these sort of fairy tale-type characters, or characters in stories and in fiction that affect you, they’re part of your psyche.’ – Jenny Watson 

 Jenny Watson, Eye of the Storm, 1984, 
oil, synthetic polymer paint and coins on canvas. 

"In Jenny Watson: The Fabric of Fantasy, Jenny has animated her autobiographical works with an array of female characters – from Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella to Charlie’s Angels and Ophelia. For Jenny, self-portraiture is more than just a picture of oneself. Instead, a selection of objects, animals and fictional characters stand in for the artist. Jenny has spent her career creating an autobiography of her life, with each work zooming in and out of different moments in time, peering briefly into her many worlds." 

"In Eye of the Storm we see the Alice that everyone knows from their childhood: the young girl wearing the classic blue A-line dress with a white apron. This Alice, however, has the Jenny figure donning the ensemble, with her infamous long red hair whipping around in the tornado. The tornado is reminiscent of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (who also happens to rock a blue A-line dress). Jenny ties these iconic characters of lost girls in wondrous and unsettling worlds into her own narrative arc – whimsically blending fiction with reality."

 Jenny Watson,  Alice in Tokyo, 1984.
"The many guises of Jenny Watson" 
exhibition at MCA, Austrália. 

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