28 Jul 2017

Alicedelic Collages: Fit 7: Metamorphosis - Jan Švankmajer

Fit 7: Metamorphosis

Jan Švankmajer
(Czech Republic, 2006)
Collages and illustrated book


"Alice, or Něco z Alenky, is an astonishing movie by the master Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer. Most characters were interpreted by machinery, socks, clay sculptures, odd and antique dolls and toys, meat, even skeletons and bodies of taxidermy. Švankmajer also works in other media, including collages and assemblages with a vast scope of found material. He also illustrated both Alice books, published in two rare Japanese editions. His pictures mix found imagery, drawings and paintings, proposing new mysteries and paradoxes along a dense and intense surrealist journey.

In the artist’s pictures Alice finds herself inserted into an imaginary jungle of sphinxes and chimeras, among collages with multiple identities that emerged from subterranean, strange, and archaic worlds. Bodies were mounted and dismounted, metamorphosing between images of biology, botany and mineralogy, dolls, Victorian illustrations, textures, mutating cells, and sex symbols. Alice’s body was unstable and mutating, a portmanteau of her becomings."

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