Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

6 Jan 2014

Alicedelic dreams

At the end of the book we discover with Alice that everything was but a dream. She has awaken. But to know that we are dreaming inside a dream is called a lucid dream as Alice wonders in the Looking Glass land. In a lucid dream the commonsensical boundaries between dream and reality, inner and outer lands become magical, quantic and surrealicist and dissolving.

Unfortunately many illustrators of Alice after John Tenniel depict the story in a descriptive linear and conventional conception of time and space. Alice and the characters usually inhabit a coherent place, possible, reasonable and mostly dull.

Our relativistic age has been witnessed incantatory changes friends of new times. Pictures like this one above dive in a lucid dream landscape where time is simultaneous, space is paradoxical and unpredictable, identities are fluid and metamorphic. Reality twists to welcome the dance of Alice's experiences, alicedelic and alicinatory. We discover with Alice new oneiric undergrounds where we are aware of the fragility of the already known facing the challenges of the unknown in the potency of creating new languages, new lives and new worlds - and ourselves became nomadic Alices in never ending wonderlands. 


surrealicist = surrealist + alice
alicedelic = alice + psychedelic
alicinatory = alice + hallucinatory

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