20 de dez. de 2022

Alice Quebra Cabeça (Alice Puzzle) by Adriana Peliano and Jorge Dutra Freitas



21cm x 21cm. 42p. 

Limited edition: 100 copies  

Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, 2022. 








The English author, mathematician, and photographer Lewis Carroll, whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832–1898), was a metagrobologist, meaning he loved, collected, and even created games and puzzles. We know that in her work “Alice in Wonderland”, the girl meets with cards from the deck, like the furious Queen of Hearts, and plays a game of croquet using flamingos as clubs and hedgehogs as balls. In “Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There” (1872), Alice herself becomes a white pawn in a crazy game of chess. 

In the gaming world, the Tangram is a puzzle with seven flat polygons, called tans, which together form a square. With these pieces, it is possible to create countless shapes. Wooden sets have been widely available for over two centuries. Lewis Carroll knew the game and had, in his library, a rare copy of the book “The Fashionable Chinese Puzzle”, J. & E. Wallis, c. 1815. 

In one of the legends that exist about the emergence of Tangram, a young Chinese said goodbye to his master to go on a great journey. The master handed him a square mirror so that he could record everything he saw on the trip. Impressed, the young man ended up dropping and breaking the mirror. So, the master suggested that, with those pieces, he built figures to illustrate what he saw, as soon as he returned. This legend already suggests that these game pieces are also storytellers. 

The boy Jorge, at the age of 5, without knowing any of this, received a set of geometric pieces inspired by Tangram as a Christmas present in 2020. The game contained more than 150 pieces in 6 different colors and shapes: a square, a triangle, two diamonds, a hexagon and a trapeze. Enthusiastic designer and practitioner of assembly games, the boy immediately decided to bring his friends from Wonderland to life, using the game pieces. His aunt Adriana, alicedelic artist, Alice lover and founder of the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, adapted the original story and, together with Jorge, created this picture book. The pieces were hand-painted in a 12-color palette, and two game boxes were used in the photographs in this book.

 Alice's adventures were told, for the first time, during a boat trip, followed by a manuscript illustrated by Lewis Carroll and given to Alice Liddell, a 12-year-old girl, as a Christmas gift. The story, which told the dream of a girl who jumped into the white rabbit hole to live fantastic adventures, traveled the world in over 150 years. It has been endlessly retold in many surprising and curious ways since its first publication in Victorian England. Alice keeps jumping from the original book to live new alicedelic alicinations. 


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