9 de fev. de 2021

"Alice and the 7 keys" Texts, design and illustrations by Adriana Peliano

"Adriana's gone way down the rabbit hole to imagine a unique Alice dreamscape. 

Every generation and culture invents its own Alice, and hers is perfect for the world we now inhabit." 

Linda Sunshine Author, All Things Alice



"In Alice and the Seven Keys, Adriana Peliano accompanies you on a journey, exploring your creativity by means of games, magical elixirs, and her resplendent collages. Lovers of Alice, fantasy, fairy tales, and dreams will be enchanted." 

Mark Burstein,  President Emeritus The Lewis Carroll Society of North America 


"The name of the book is “Alice in 7 Keys,” but it is called “Pharmacopeia of Creativity.” It was incubated in the quarantine period in 2020, stitching together ideas that I have been weaving over decades of living with Alice in a variety of different ways in life and art. In our cocoon we investigated the seven magic keys and what could happen to the inhabitants of Wonderland after that strange collective nightmare. 

The scare over, they would open the door to a new world and a transformed life. Alice would learn to remain calm in the face of challenges and conflicts. The Rabbit relaxed inside his hole without a clock and would no longer be late. He was going to have tea with the Hatter, the Impossible, and Time itself. Then the Queen of Hearts would emerge. She would finally lose her mind and embrace the Heart. The butterfly would come out of the cocoon and go on a journey of self-knowledge. The Cat would invite the new to happen, traveling in imagination with a wide, lunatic smile." 

Adriana Peliano 


Collages by Adriana Peliano over John Tenniel's original illustrations 
to "Alice's adventures in Wonderland"(1965) and "The Nursery 'Alice'" (1890)

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