18 Oct 2020

Oleg Lipchenko's Looking-Glass

 (One of a set of 12, with card wrap) 

 Artist: Oleg Lipchenko 

Set: Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice found There 

Publisher: Studio Treasure Date: 2020 Language: English Country: Canada

Source: Lewis Carroll Resources - Carrollian Postcard Database

Oleg Lipchenko
Oleg Lipchenko
Oleg Lipchenko


The Looking Glass art by Oleg Lipchenko is a wonder of wonders, full of alicedelic alicinations. The pictures take us into a journey of dreams inside dreams, where a sequence of frames and portals plays enigmagic mirrors  and  puzzles with plenty of references to history, art, mythology, math, geometry, architecture,  and magical engineering. It disturbs our commonsensical linear perception of reality and makes us truly believe in the impossible.

I am convinced that, like Alice in Wonderland, the artist will be led to pass through the looking-glass of the retina, to reach a more profound expression.
 Marcel Duchamp

The artist has also illustrated Alice in Wonderland in a brilliant journey into creative paths that bring from the great unknown, multiple possibilities to enlarge our conscious mind.

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