27 Jun 2011

Twin Alices in Japan


As the "twin Alices" Kokusyoku Sumire who ventured in Wonderland one amazing wonderland. Enchanted Dolls, plenty of humor and daring games, toasting themselves and other priests of beautiful worlds, creating dreams. They live in the realm of fairy tales, a little world in the heart. The two appear at times like when we open the lid of a treasure chest of childhood.

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"The Kokusyoku Sumire Tale

The Kingdom of Fairy Tales - a small world that exists in everyone's heart.
This is where Kokusyoku Sumire was born.
The Kokusyoku Sumire girls appear in moments like when you open the lid of a childhood treasure box...along with the shiny jewels within.
The girls tell many tales with beautiful melodies:
They tell of a young crusader at sea, a young boy falling in love with the moon, an elegant afternoon enjoyed by little ladies, and even the scary story of the Little Red Riding Hood at times.
But whatever the tale, they will always bring your spirit up by the end of it.
So, close your eyes and look inside your heart.
See, the girls are right there smiling next to you!"
Kokusyoku Sumire, SITE

But part of the very logic of contemporary fashion the constant Metamorphosis. The creation and expression of itself as an exercise in creativity also became a marketing game. We live in a culture of difference, where desire for creativity and uniqueness in conformal formulations exist. Clothes can be a place of expression in existential territory. But the fashion market also offers easy replacement of ephemeral identities to be consumed. How to distinguish one thing from another?

Alice is intriguing, destabilizing. It puts us in contact with the uncertainty, unpredictability, turbulence, non domestic and stereotipical sceneries. Breaking with hegemonic models of existence, new Alices must invent new worlds from listening to their inner selfs, accepting the eternal becoming and the permanent creating of ourselves.

Como a dupla de Alices Kokusyoku Sumire que se aventuraram no país das maravilhas num disco e todos os seus mimos. Bonecas encantadas brindando de si e da outra, sacerdotisas de mundos maravilhosos, criação de sonhos. Identidades performágicas, a diferença entre o eu e o si, devir. Elas vivem no reino dos contos de fadas, um pequeno mundo no coração. As duas aparecem em momentos como quando abrimos a tampa de uma caixa de tesouro de infância.

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