14 Jun 2011

Some Lewis Carroll's Carroll's unpublished Sketches for Sylvie and Bruno

Lewis Carroll / Sylvie and Bruno

Lewis Carroll / Sylvie and Bruno

Lewis Carroll / Sylvie and Bruno

images from:
Lewis Carroll as Artist: Fifteen Unpublished Sketches
for the Sylvie and Bruno books  
 by Edward Guiliano

"Most of Carroll's extant drawings are rough and lack technical technical expertise; nevertheless, some are clearly outstanding artistic achievements. Carroll had little formal training in drawing. Only late in life did he regularly submit his sketches for constructive criticism to an artist, Miss E. Gertrude Thompson, a friend and subsequent illustrator of his Three Sunsets (1898). He made do with enthusiasm and an awesome imagination. When he let his fanciful imagination reign, as in the early pen and ink sketches to Mischmash and The Rectory Umbrella - and also many of the sketches published here the first time - the results are fresh and delightful. His illustrations to Alice's Adventures under Ground, many of which are reprinted and discussed in this volume, are his best known drawings. They are among his finest works, and few are superior to all other illustrations of Alice."

Edward Guiliano

Orignal illustrations by Harry Furniss

Illustrated by Renée Flower

Tradução de Sérgio Medeiros.
Ilustrações originais de Harry Furniss. (Inglaterra)
São Paulo: Iluminuras, 1997.

Lewis Carroll / The Rectory Umbrella

Lewis Carroll / Mischmash

Lewis Carroll /  Alice's Adventures under Ground

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