15 Oct 2010

Alice by Jasmine Becket - Griffith

Jasmine invites Alice to several curious travels in otherlands and expanding Alice adventures into art history and pop culture. Her images reinvent Alice emerged in classical paintings creating  intertextual dialogues.

Since the last century Alice has being traveling  and crossing boundaries of other literary and artistic icons. Between many parodies and pastiches she crosses a wood among treasures and also many misconceptions and traps.

Alice and Velázquez 

As Meninas – Diego Velasquez. 1656.

Jasmine Becket - Griffith

Suzy Lee

Alice by José Roosvelt

Alice after Leonardo da Vinci

Jasmine Becket - Griffith

Alice after Hieronymus Bosch 

Jasmine site HERE

" (...) The story of Alice is already so well known that it becomes fragmented, repeated, displaced, deconstructed, gnawed upon by artists from everywhere, in every way. With her serpentine neck, Alice navigates among hybrid identities, blends, contrasts, oddities, merchandise, gato por lebre, and senselessness that everybody buys and believes without understanding why. She sets out for the new and looks back to reinvent herself all over again. This is Alice. Alice is all of them and none of them, and she opens herself up like the largest kaleidoscope ever seen. Good-bye, feet! 

 Alice strolls along the margins and between the lines; she crosses borders, a traveler through the unknown, but also through stock phrases, clichés, the commonplace, distortions and cheap simplifications that insist on impoverishing life and art. As we travel through Alice’s landscapes, we also travel through our own interior landscapes. New Alices learn that a path has not been set; rather, it opens as one goes forward, according to the poet Antonio Machado. (...)"

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