25 Sept 2010

"ALICE & FRANK: the work of Lewis Carroll and Mary Shelley from the Victorian Era to the Information Age."

Did Alice became a sort of Frankenstein?

Curated and hosted by Morgan F.P. Andrews

"ALICE: Stranger Theatre popped the characters from Lewis Carroll’s two Alice novels to life with puppets, physical theater and stop-motion animation. In "and what Alice found there," Alice’s trek through the perilous and hallucinatory landscape of Wonderland runs parallel to Carroll’s personal narrative of Victorian times, illuminated by a montage of vintage photographs, shifting maps and bygone science. The spindly and neurotic creator tries to retain hold on his creation, while sketching out the troubling history of his century, as Alice struggles with the world he has put her in. Bizarre, dark, funny and absurd, and what Alice found there combined cartography with puppet theater to examine imperialism, madness, and the nature of creation."

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