6 Jul 2010

Alice Liddell's flutina

collage by Adriana Peliano

This charming relic, the accordion that belonged to our muse Alice Liddell, now is part of the fantastic carrollinian collection of Sandor and Mark Burstein. Mark is a member of honor of the Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, we thank his immense help.

Mark Burstein's family Has Been Involved with Carroll since his grandmother papered the walls of her son's nursery wallpaper with Alice in 1928. That boy, Sandor, grew up to be a noted collector Carroll, Mark now curates the collection in a tower in California. Mark has edited the Knight Letter, the magazine of the LCSNA, since 1994, and Has written and published extensively about Carroll, including co-creating the book All Things Alice.

Follow the story of this beautiful peace:

Written by Sandor Burstein and published in Jabberwocky #82 (Vol. 22 #2, Spring 1993).


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