29 Jul 2010


"Where the characters of 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'
match a known constellation in the heavens."

Greaves  Thomas' hand coloured 33" diameter Alice Globe on Staunton white queen base.

"Curiouser and curiouser we thought, we read the books and realised that there is a strong possibility that Lewis Carroll's famous two stories of Alice did appear to match the Celestial Heavens. We are no mathematicians, however, the probability of writing a book which stars young Alice, who was so obviously a virgin (Virgo), where she meets other strange characters such as the twins (Gemini), a lion (Leo), a mock turtle (Taurus), plus many other characters which match a celestial counterpart (father William -Hercules, Humpty Dumpty -The Serpent Holder, White knight - Sagittarius) seems somewhat unusual, unless this of course this is what Carroll/Dodgson secretly intended."

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"The 12 Zodiac constellations and their Alice counterparts:


(He holds a pot, from which water constantly flows)
Mad Hatter holding his teapot. It would appear that Hatters teapot also never seems to stop flowing, there is always tea to be poured, despite that the guests repeatedly change seats and start again.


Fish footmen. It should be noted that there are other fish mentioned in Alice. But the fish footmen are the most memorable.


Sheep from shop. Are we sure it is a ewe? After all the visual difference between a sheep and a ram is the horns and genitals, in both cases Alice cannot see these as they are covered by either hat or coat. It should also be noted that we are after all in the reversed land of the Looking Glass, consequently the reversal of gender should be taken in its stride.


Mock Turtle. Victorians used Veal to make Mock Turtle Soup; this is why the Mock Turtle has a calf's head, tail and hooves. Clearly Victorians were not only content with endangering exotic species, but they were equally keen on inflicting further suffering onto exploited farm animals. It should also be noted that there is also a Buffalo mentioned in the song "A-sitting On A Gate" recited by the White Knight as well as this the Walrus being a male is often referred to as being a 'Bull' .*


Tweedledum and Tweedledee. It is interesting that signs point Alice towards 'Tweedledum's House' and 'To the House of Tweedledee'. Alice never gets to see the house, possibly she might have expected a building for dwelling in. If Tweedledee and Tweedledum are intended to represent Gemini then the word 'House' is in fact referring to an astrological 'House' (Gemini governs the 3rd house), if this is correct, then Alice did in fact visit the House of Tweedledee and Tweedledum.


Crab from Caucus race.


The Lion. From the Lion and the Unicorn.

Virgo (the Virgin)

Alice of course!


The King of Hearts. He is the judge in the court case and so symbolises the scales of justice. It is interesting to note that astrologically, Venus rules Libra whose symbol is often depicted as the heart.


The Lobster. The only visual difference between a Lobster and a Scorpion is the tail, in Alice; shoes conveniently cover the tail of this carapacious animal. It should also be noted that early depiction's for Scorpio's constellation were of a Carapacious (shelled) monster, in other words not only a scorpion, which gives further credence for the lobster, woodlouse, armadillo etc. Lastly, Cancer the Crab is often illustrated as a Lobster on early Celestial Globes from 17th and 18th century globes, made by notable globe makers such as Greuther, Valk, Akerman, Dibold, Habrecht and Blaeu, potentially making another potential home for the lobster should it wish to move.


The white knight. He is inseparable from his horse. It should be noted that, on a chessboard, the knight symbolises both horse and rider. A knight would have to train in all aspects of warfare; archery would be one of these skills.


The goat in the railway carriage. It is interesting to note that traditionally Capricorn has a fishes tail and no feet, in the carriage you can not see its tail/feet. We have given our Capricorn feet, as the fish footmen and oysters all have human feet."

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