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28 Jul 2017

Alicedelic Collages: Fit 8: Curiouserism - Adriana Peliano

Fit 8: Curiouserism

Adriana Peliano
(Brasil, 2011-2015)
 Digital collages and book illustrations.

Alice edição comemorativa. Rio de Janeiro: Zahar, 2015.

 Adriana Peliano

"I have being working with alicedelic collages since my youth, and last year had the opportunity to illustrate both of Alice’s adventures for the second time, published as a double-sided, magic book.

For each of the books I developed a different logic and poetic strategy. Wonderland was created as a mathemagic game. Tenniel’s pictures are disassembled and recombined with images from several other artists, inviting the reader to go beyond the story and amplify listening to the nonsense, the language games, and the fertility of possible alicedelic senses. The choices of the artists who interact and play with Tenniel were driven by the dynamics between dreams and logic as determinants in Lewis Carroll’s enigmagic universe.

Artists who venture into the world of dreams or surrealism, as Bosch, Dalí, Piero Fornasetti, and Magritte, are part of this game inhabiting worlds of dreams within dreams. Another team of modern and contemporary artists present here contributes astonishing geometries and calls for a new relationship between nonlinear time and space. Escher, Shigeo Fukuda, and Penrose, challenge and invite us to believe in the impossible, as did the White Queen. Op artists such as Bridget Riley allow stationary images to seem to run, as in Alice’s race with the Red Queen. The result is a series of puzzles and riddles, making the pages a sequence of doors, but the key you must find yourself.

lice is still an amazing enigma: paradox, nonsense, a multifaceted game of mirrors. Alice in the Sky with Diamonds, the girl with kaleidoscopic eyes shines between a logical and a magical world. Alice’s dreams dive into the source of creativity and challenge the boundaries of the possible. Gardens of delights can bloom as we wander in woods where things have no names, flow in the river of metamorphosis, dive in the unknown, believe in impossible things, follow paradoxical and corkscrew paths, make deals with fabulous monsters, become a friend of Time, follow our own path into the most beautiful garden and trust in our own inventions. Alicinations make a call to face the deviations and madness, the unusual and unpredictable living in each of us."

Adriana Peliano

Alicedelic Collages: Pictures in Conversation by Adriana Peliano
This lecture was presented at the cellebration of the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland  by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America. New York, 2015.

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