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29 Aug 2012

"Living in Alice Time" by Nalini Malani

Nalini Malani
A pool of tears 2

Nalini Malani
Curiouser and curiouser /Alice in Mumbai

Nalini Malani
 Broken Alice 2

Follows excerpts of the text:

Beyond a provocative transgression

by Gayatri Sinha

"Two or three exhibitions in recent times have fuelled the continuing dialogue on states of transgression. The most recent and provocative showing titled Living in Alice Time, is an exposition of paintings and a video work by Nalini Malani (Sakshi Gallery). In terms of Malini's oeuvre, the works are provocative, transgressive and utterly free, and spiral back in time to her continuing body of work on the female protagonist. 

 Malani pulls back from the increasingly frayed edge of feminist discourse to many of its central issues of articulating female desire, and the negotiations around structures of power. Different strands weave together, such as her palpable concern for a more equitable engagement with our own environment. She works with and through the dyad of the mythic fantastical female subject and the excruciating concern around the decimation of traditional knowledge systems. Thus the intimate acts of the air we breathe or the water we drink become in her hands the subjects of voluble articulation, strange bodily mutations and noxious clouds of suppurating poisons. It is through this rich and layered language of poesy and fable that Malani sustains herself as one of the most potent artist commentators of our times. 

Malani brings the empiricism of the imagination into fantastic play. Her protagonists, alternatively Radha or Lewis Caroll's Alice, are embattled and assertive. The child Alice, whose fall mimics Lucifer's terrible descent from the heavens plays out the theatre of the imagination. If the fall of Lucifer releases him from the predictability of the good into the skewed world of the unfettered mind, Alice's fall evokes the imagination as a site of deviance and destruction. Malani paints her as Broken Alice, a paraplegic, as a mutant, as a Mother India whose vast umbilicus links all those that traverse its serpentine path."


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