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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

18 Jul 2012

Alice exhibition in Oxford

These are some pictures of an art exhibition in Oxford. I participated with some collages.

Read more at the Site of O3 Gallery

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My friend Michael O'Connor visited the exhibition and sent me these pictures.

  Michael O'Connor

‘Cut off her head’ © Adriana Peliano

 © Adriana Peliano

 © Adriana Peliano

© Adriana Peliano

"Co-Curators Helen Statham and JP Reid discuss 'Wonderland', an exhibition featuring the work of a selection of international contemporary women artists. The artists enter into Alice's shoes, exploring art as a Wonderland realm of dreams and imagination to explore the artist / heroine's precarious subjectivity; or in Alice's words ask, "if I'm not the same, who in the world am I?" 

Helen Statham talks through the shape and development of the exhibition, with JP Reid discussing how the artists have responded to the idea of Alice as a character. Featuring digital collage from Adriana Peliano; photography by Elena Kalis, Katarzyna Widmanska and Tarina Doolittle; abstract paintings by Anica Govedarica, Ana Ostrihonova; collage by Catherine Hiley and Maria Ines Teixeira; film by Jade Lerner, Leah Sargent and Alanna Hanson; and an interactive installation piece by Lisa Busby, with music by Roisin Murphy and Tolouse Wolfe. The multimedia, interactive exhibition was accompanied by events including a talk on the 'Art of Alice' by Lewis Carroll Society chairman Mark Richards, as well as live performances by Lisa Busby and Goldsmiths students."

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