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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

13 Jun 2011

Unbirthday party by Arthur Rackham


Arthur Rackham

"In a Christmas issue of the pictorial weekly Black and White, Rackham drew a cartoon in which adaptations of Tenniel's depictions of Alice and the Wonderland and Looking Glass characters dominate a book party celebrating favorite childhood illustrations. (Including examples form Edward Lear, Randolph Caldecott, and Heinrich Hoffmann)."

Found at Arthut Rackham's Wonderland by Michael Patrick Hearn.

Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffmann

Three bears by Arthur Rackham

Mother Goose illustrated by Arthur Rackham

A drawing depicting  a rag doll with a big, black head, sitting in a rocking chair, with three white children standing by.

Florence Kate Upton's Golliwogg

Matchgirl by Rackham

You are welcome to find others!

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