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2 Apr 2011

Burstein Collection at Rare Book Room

"But since those salad days, as I stood deep in offish thoughts, I have returned to the last refuge of the lover, the collecting of artifacts. In joining my father in this quest for ever more rare and interesting editions, translations, indexes, and memorabilia (ranging from original photography of Carroll to plastic Alice pencil sharpeners), "I sometimes wonder for what it is we are really searching. Is the first handwritten copy of Alice's Adventures under Ground to flow from the pen of Mr. Dodgson, or is even that only an aidé-memórie of a lovely afternoon on the Isis, and even that but a small point in eternity's bounty of the Ur-conscious mind?"

Mark Burstein

Mark, Martin and Sandor Burstein

I was looking for rare vintage Alice illustrations and rediscovered the digital archive of Burstein Collection, started by the Sandor Burstein. The books live now in a Tower in California and for my happiness its guardian is the President of Lewis Carroll Society of North America and the Royal Advisor of the court of Lewis Carroll Society of Brasil, Mark Burstein.

MARK BURSTEIN ’s family has been involved with Carroll since his grandmother papered the walls of her son’s nursery with Alice wallpaper in 1928. That boy, Sandor, grew up to be a noted Carroll collector; Mark now curates the collection in a tower in California. Mark has edited the Knight Letter, the magazine of the LCSNA, since 1994, and has written and published extensively about Carroll, including co-creating the book All Things Alice.

All Things Alice: The Wit, Wisdom,and Wonderland of Lewis Carroll

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Know more:

Alice im Wunderland (German) - 1923 - Carroll, Lewis (author), Birnbaum, Uriel (illus.) - Vienna, Leipzig, New York - The Burstein Collection

This is image is part of one of the digitalized vintage Alice editions from the Burstein Collection available at RARE BOOK ROOM.
You can find the entire book HERE.

Some other rare books avaiable:

Carroll, Lewis (author); Siemaszko, Olga (illus.) - Alicja w Krainie Czarów (Polish) - 1955 - Warsaw - The Burstein Collection

Carroll, Lewis (author), Kazakova (illus.) - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (Russian) - 1979 - - The Burstein Collection

Carroll, Lewis (author); Pease, Bessie (illus.) - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - 1907 - London - The Burstein Collection

Carroll, Lewis (author); McManus, Blanche (illus.) - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass - 1900 - New York - The Burstein Collection

Carroll, Lewis (author) - Elisi Katika Nchi Ya Ajabu (Swahili) - 1967 - London - The Burstein Collection

Follow the Rabbit and find more Rare and special Alice books from the Burstein collection at Rare Book Room (Find by authors: Carroll).

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