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29 Apr 2011

To dream or not to dream?

“What is admirable about the fantastic is that there is no longer anything fantastic: 
there is only the real.”
André Breton

All pictures by Masaru Shichinohe’s


Follow excerpt of a text by

Alice and Peter Punk’s 

Little Reports from Tokyo and Other Stories.


Masaru Shichinohe is almost unknown outside of Japan, and yet if you admire Kokusyoku Sumire, you necessarily have had to do with his work, as the artist collaborated on the art work of the two baroque lolitas’ albums. However, there is still more to learn about this Japanese painter whose bizarre characters and scenes are some reminiscence of the surrealism movement.  (...)

Like the artistic movement defined by André Breton, Masaru Shichinohe’s paintings therefore respond well to these association of ideas led by the omnipotence of dreams, and smashing the rationality of thought, to make a room for a kind of strange mathematics, a cabale, dare I’d say, we would be tempted to decipher.
Masaru Shichinohe’s Website

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