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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

29 Aug 2010

Alice by Katalin Szegedi

Katalin Szegedi

The Alice's illustrations of Katalin Szegedi are a precious and enigmatic treasure.

The complexity of these images invites us to look again and again finding surprises and new possibilities of reading, as the story of Alice itself.  I will tell you now something that I can see this time. If you come back later, maybe you will find something different here. 

One aspect that calls attention is the presence of a frame in most of the images ( the ones that cover the whole page). Sometimes the characters crosses and defy the boundaries of the frame. I guess the frame becomes a kind of  device for multilayer dialogues.Texts become images, images become text an Alice looks to us inviting to face  Alice Liddell and riddles with no right answer.

Katalin Szegedi

Katalin Szegedi

 Before Einstein, Carroll had already penetrated the ultrasophisticated universe of relativity. Every moment in Alice has its own time and space. 

Katalin Szegedi

A game of "Who are You" played with photographs of Alice Liddell in different ages.
The image of the child Alice Liddell photographed by Lewis Carroll is the one that appears at the end of the manuscript of "Alice's adventures under Ground". 

Alice Liddell, age 7, 
photographed by Lewis Carroll in 1860

Alice Liddell as Alethea,
photographed by Julia Margaret Cameron, c. 1872

Alice Liddell, age 80

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