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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

30 Jul 2010

La fin du temps by Magritte

"In La fin du temps, Magritte has done this by creating a strange and surreal mirror, reminiscent of lacework in the intricate and impossible pattern that is emblazoned across it. He adds to the disorientating effect of the painting by distorting the perspective, making the mirror's base tilt at a rakish angle while the faux woodunderneath provides, to our all-too-rational eyes, no real physical support. This strange yet simple combination of elements and effects results in the mirror, and La fin du temps itself, appearing as a portal toour new understanding of the world and its strange and surreal symmetries. The strange cut-away surface of the glass implies that the world of Lewis Carroll is not as far away as we think, is not even beyond the looking-glass before us."

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The Looking Glass (La Lunette d'approche)
Magritte, 1963

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