Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

26 Apr 2017

Unlocking Wonderland - the Exhibit

 Neville Page, Black Rabbit.

Steven Van, Vorpal Alice. 

Dee Chavez, No Time for a cup of Alice. 

 Sean Dietrich, The Mad Hatter Absinthe Party.

 Alvaro Buendia, Alice AK.

Alvaro Buendia, Catterpillar.

 Erika San Luis


“Curiouser and curiouser!“ with Walt Disney Pictures’ much anticipated film release of, Alice Through the Looking Glass, we hope to share with you the key to this strange and fascinating world. Over 25 world renowned artists who have worked for the likes of The Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Henson Studios, 3D Systems, and Gentle Giant Studios, including the SyFy Network’s celebrity Face Off judge, Neville Page, have created works in tribute to this literary opus".

Unlocking Wonderland: The Exhibit ” artists include local standouts and some of the biggest Creature and Concept Designers in Hollywood. The artists include: Preston Adell ( Murrieta , CA), Michelle Agin (Philadelphia, PA), Alvaro Buendia (Irvine, CA), Ron Brillantes (Carlsbad, CA), Dee Chavez (Los Angeles, CA), Sean Dietrich (Anacortes, WA), Jose Emroca (Oceanside, CA), Ivonne Escoto (Los Angeles, CA), Nicol e Filiatrault (Los Angeles, CA), Stephen Fishwick (San Diego, CA), Peter Han (San Diego, CA), Eddie Holly (Scripps Ranch, CA), Daniel Jaimes (San Diego, CA), Adam Kyron Murillo (San Diego, CA), Dan Mac Isaac (San Diego, CA), Dean McAdam (San Diego, CA), Mando Medrano (San Diego, CA), Rod Mojica (San Diego, CA), Valerie Nielsen (Los Angeles, CA), Neville Page (Los Angeles, CA), Mark Richmond (Miami, FL), Erika San Luis (San Diego, CA), Dee Schiller (Los Angeles, CA), Grisha Smirnov (Moscow, Russia), Graham Smith (San Diego, CA), Michael Striler (Carlsbad, CA), Steven Van ( Menifee, CA), David Van Gough (Julian, CA), Danelle Vierkant (Los Angeles, CA), Sam Wallace (San Diego, CA).

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