Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

7 Dec 2015

Original illustrations by Arthur Rackham remixed by Geoff Kim

Amazing Alicedelic remixes …

Dream inside dreams,

Alice is alive and defies all authority knowledge

 awakening the kaleidoscopic multiplicity
 and the metamorphic fluxes of all that exists.

Remix by Geoff Kim

Remix by Geoff Kim

Remix by Geoff Kim

"The principle of collage is among the most significant contributions of modern art to contemporary culture. Collage allows an inexhaustible conversation between pictures, challenging the commonplace and our comfort zone. With collages, known pictures are open to free reinvention, promoting poetic strangeness and unexpected associations, daring the concept of originality and authorship. It is not just a group of manual or digital techniques, but a great puzzle. We are faced, then, with a new logic, a call to awaken the alicedelic imagination and enigmagic thinking. The collage is the art of selection and combination, choice, encounter and transformation. (…)

Alice is still an amazing enigma: paradox, nonsense, a multifaceted game of mirrors. Alice in the Sky with Diamonds, the girl with kaleidoscopic eyes shines between a logical and a magical world. Alice’s dreams dive into the source of creativity and challenge the boundaries of the possible. Gardens of delights can bloom as we wander in woods where things have no names, flow in the river of metamorphosis, dive in the unknown, believe in impossible things, follow paradoxical and corkscrew paths, make deals with fabulous monsters, become a friend of Time, follow our own path into the most beautiful garden and trust in our own inventions. Alicinations make a call to face the deviations and madness, the unusual and unpredictable living in each of us." 
Adriana Peliano in "Alicedelic Collages: pictures in conversation." Lecture presented in  New York Alice 150  celebration promoted by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America

"A importância de Alice sempre se renova, seja na arte, na cultura, nas viagens da imaginação e nos caminhos no pensamento, nas mais diversas leituras que vem despertando nos últimos 150 anos. Quando a menina vitoriana caiu na toca do coelho iniciou uma viagem sem fim, que continua a despertar corações e mentes. Alice atravessa o surrealismo, a psicanálise, a filosofia, a física quântica, a semiótica, a psicodelia, tantos ismos e alicismos, desafiando fonteiras e desestabilizando nossa necessidade de interpretar, explicar e enquadrar o mundo em categorias e conceitos pré-estabelecidos.

 Alice é acima de tudo uma grande potência de criação e produção de sentidos tanto na arte quando no mundo das idéias. Como disse o Gata de chershire, o caminho a seguir depende de onde que chegar, isso ultrapassa as visões moralistas e limintantes de certo e errado e nos desafia a nos tornarmos responsáveis por nossas escolhas, sempre. Alice é viva e desafia todo saber instituído despertando a multiplicidade caleidoscópica da metamorfose de tudo o que existe. Um livro de perguntas móveis e mutantes que nos convida a procurar o jardim das inesgotáveis possibilidades criativas que existe em cada um de nós. Como disse o escritor Paulo Mendes Campos em carta para sua filha Maria da Graça: Esse livro é doido, o sentido está em ti!" Adriana Peliano

Arthut Rackham x Geoff Kim

Arthut Rackham x Geoff Kim

Arthut Rackham x Geoff Kim

Arthut Rackham x Geoff Kim

" Alice moves amongst mazes where one is lost and found in mysterious rhythms. The great paradox running through Alice’s adventures, according to Deleuze, is the loss of her own name, her infinite identity, her eternal becoming. When the caterpillar asks, Who are you? Alice does not know the answer. I know who I was . . . but I think I must have been changed several times since then. (…) When Alice says that she only knows who she was, she is saying that we are always in motion. And when she was drawn by John Tenniel in Victorian England, a tradition of Alices was born that would follow in this path. But Alice is no longer the Victorian Alice, instead she is a living kaleidoscope of all of the possibilities. How many artists were in fact driven by the need to overcome the stereotypical imagery of the girl and her amazing world, and by the quest for new adventures in expression? Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to that which Alice might come to be. . . ."

Adriana Peliano in The hunting of Alice in Seven Fits

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"Geoff Kim is an artist, designer and illustrator based out of New York. He's originally from California and recently moved back from the beautiful city of Amsterdam. He currently makes pictures for VICE and loves to make GIFs. "


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