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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

12 Jan 2015

Through Alice's Looking Glass and what Diogo Muñoz found there

I am convinced that, like Alice in Wonderland, the artist will be led to pass through the looking-glass of the retina, to reach a more profound expression.

 Marcel Duchamp
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Diogo Muñoz / Down the Rabbit Hole

Diogo Muñoz, 2009  / Pool of tears

Diogo Muñoz, 2009  / Advice from a Caterpillar

Diogo Muñoz, 2009 Pig and pepper

Diogo Muñoz, 2009 Mad tea party

   Diogo Muñoz, 2009 / The Mock turtle


                                                                             Diogo Muñoz, 2010 / Looking Glass house

                                                                Diogo Muñoz, 2010 / The Garden of Living Flowers

                                                                              Diogo Muñoz, 2010 /  Humpty Dumpty

                                                                    Diogo Muñoz, 2009 /  It is my own invention

The amazing illustrations by the portuguese painter Diogo Muñoz to both Alices are an adventure and a intertextual game bringing a vast scope of references to art history. His acrylic canvas dialog with  artists from different periods since the masters like Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch, and the modern and contemporary Francis Bacon, Picasso, Leger, Andy Warhol, Dali, Miró, Magritte, Paula Rego, Julio Pomar, Luís Pinto Coelho, among others. Alice herself can be one of the girls from Velazquez and the metamorphosis continue. These elements are not just linear quotations but create puzzles which are poetic metalanguistic devices. The images call attention to the artistic language and its complexity in multiple layers, also calling the reader beyond the literal story told in Alice books to the corkscrew paths of reading and understanding both pictures and conversations.

"One way of bonding that occurs not as a mere sum or accumulation of separate elements, but as a construction and meditated act." José Luis Tinoco

I recently bought the books containing these pictures that presents a challenging graphic design project, where the texts plays in the pages in different sizes and configurations in curiouser and curiouser ways in a tale/tail resonance.  The intriguing forewords are written by the portuguese writer, translator, critic and journalist Miguel Estevez Cardoso.

Great alicinations!

Diego Velazquez. Las meninas, 1656.

See also the intertextual Alices by Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 

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