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26 Jan 2015

Alice in Wonderland Fashion Exhibition Set in London

"The Alice Look" exhibit at the Victoria Albert Museum of Childhood. "

ALL ABOUT ALICE: Lewis Carroll’s little heroine — and her personal style — will be placed under the fashion spotlight at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood in London starting in May. The exhibition, "The Alice Look," marks the book’s 150th anniversary, with a focus on Alice's character and wardrobe." 

 "Not only illustrators, but the world's best-known designers, stylists and photographers have restyled Lewis Carroll's Alice," curator Kiera Vaclavik told WWD. "Versace named Alice as one of his heroines. Westwood returns endlessly to her in her work. We are excited to be showing Alice as a style icon for the first time."

“The Alice Look” will run from May 2 to Nov. 1. / 2015.


more about Alice and Fashion

"Celebrating Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's 150th anniversary, this exhibition is dedicated to the idea of Alice as a muse. Displaying a plethora of garments, photographs, rare editions and illustrations that all feature Alice as a trendsetter and catalyst for creative endeavours, the exhibition will include Annie Liebowitz's photographs for US Vogue, book cover designs by Vivienne Westwood and pop videos from Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Aerosmith. Curator Kiera Vaclavik seeks to accentuate Alice's undeniable status as a source of inspiration to artists and designers and has expressed excitement 'to be showing Alice as a style icon for the first time.'" source

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