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21 Nov 2012

Barry Moser Returns to Wonderland

 Barry Moser

"Thirty years after Barry Moser first published his engravings of a sinister and darkly comic Wonderland, R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, MA, is hosting an exhibition of the original engravings, preliminary sketches and, most intriguingly, brand new works by Moser on the theme."
LCSNA blog

NEW EXHIBITION at R. Michelson Galleries

(The Pennyroyal Edition as designed and illustrated by Barry Moser) 
by Lewis Carroll and Barry Moser (Designer and Illustrator) (Oct 1982)

by Lewis Carroll, Barry Moser and James Kincaid (1983)

Barry Moser: Alice

"I have tried to keep the illustrations weird (yet reasonable), 
and grotesque (yet humorous), 
but I have no tried to make them pretty or graceful."
Barry Moser

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