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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

18 Nov 2012

"Alice racontée aux petits enfants" illustrated by Chiara Carrer

Chiara Carrer

 In the book these images above
 appear side by side.

To read Alice through the pictures of Chiara Carrer is an amazing adventure. We find pictures and conversations,  pictures in conversation, pictures in transformation, like in a dream inside a dream.

Erasures, smudges, drafts, stains, textures,  ruber stamps,  diagrams, graffiti, coal, collages, objects, photographs. Images seems to be incomplete and sketched, what is very exciting, offering no comfort to a reader who expects everything ready, tidy and easy. It seems that the image is made while we travel through the pages while the thoughts are still bubbling and whispering.

The book creates a game of multiple Alices in one unstable and metamorphic identity in one ever changing landscape. The images resemble tracks and footprints to the discoveries of the artist and the reader, as Alice herself. We witness the artist in a creative process in conversation with the text, daring and experimenting, reveling the reading also as an artistic experience subverting the senses, opening paradoxical ways and producing new dives, dreams, wonders, wanders and lands.

This book is not a translation of "Alice in Wonderland" but of "Nursery Alice", a simplified version of the story written by Lewis Carroll and published in 1890. One of the differences between these two Alice books is that in the latter the narrator comments several times with the reader about the book's illustrations. That aspect emphasize the power of the conversations between the text, the pictures, and the reader sewing between the lines, in the blurred borders of the pages, and the flexible dance of words and drawings and cuts and pastes, and rabbit holes and key holes that lurk in our path.

The images play around the pages and the chapters are opened by photographs of objects that challenge Alice during the story - clock, keyhole, gloves, house, mushroom, cup,  fan, thimble, traffic signs, roses, tarts, etc - as a nonsensical inventory made of keys between the ordinary world and the marvellous, life and art together.

Chiara Career is an adventuress. She welcomes the unknown and unpredictable and trust the our intelligence and sensibility, both adults changed into children and children changed into adults. This Alice defies the stereotyped, accommodated  and domesticated Alices that are spread in minds and hearts, in a call for the creation of new worlds inside and outside of all of us like a Möbius strip.

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Conception Graphic: Emanuele Ragnisco
Mise en Page: Chiara Carrer et Emanuele Ragnisco
Photographies: Valentina Mondelli

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