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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

8 May 2012

Anamorphic Drawings with Custom Cylindrical Mirrors by Rebecca Hackemann

 rebecca hackemann

"Anamorphic Drawings with custom cylindrical mirrors 
The viewer has to stand at a certain spot to see teh corrected drawing in the cuy;indrical mirror. Rebecca Hackemann’s 360° anamorphic drawings explore cultural and historical ideas surrounding the mirror and it’s reflection, vision and perception. Anamorphic Drawing has existed as a technique for 500 years - the first examples appear in Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks. These anamorphic drawings use a cylindrical shaped mirror placed at the center of the drawing, which ‘decodes’ the morphed image on the paper. Rebecca Hackemann's anamorphs incorporate the cylindrical mirror as an intrinsic part of their meanings. Using fairy tales, psychoanalytical and historical references such as Alice in Through the Looking Glass (sequel to Alice in Wonderland), Jacques Lacan’s mirror phase and the myths of Narcissus, anamorphic ink drawings are created that have two sides. The viewer walks around the drawing and its cylindrical mirror to see another related drawing opposite on the same piece of paper. In the case of Alice in Wonderland, one side shows her going into the mirror, the other side her coming out of it – the mirror becomes a metaphor for ‘The Looking Glass House’ itself."

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