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3 Feb 2012

Blythe and Alice

Alice | Romantic Alice
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Neko {Hime} Flick


"Manufactured by Kenner in 1972, the original Blythe (now known as "vintage") was produced for only one year and then was retired because of poor sales.For 28 years, Blythe was a curiosity that only doll collectors were interested in.

Then, in late 2000, she made her comeback in Japan when CWC produced a charming TV commercial for Parco department store starring Blythe. After the TV spotlight she became an overnight sensation in Japan and Asia. In June 2001, to meet the popular demand of this new Blythe fanbase, CWC produced an 11 inch neo-Blythe doll, Parco Limited Edition, with the permission of Hasbro and the manufacturing help of Takara. Since that launch, 62 and still counting! editions of neo-Blythe dolls have been produced. A year later, a 4 1/2 inch version of the Neo-Blythe was invented, titled "Petite Blythe" and affectionately called "Pucci".

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Amazing, sweet, and full of personality, Blythe is always in metamorphosis in a multiplicity of lives, travels and emotions. Customize a Blythe and photograph her call childhood affects, opening new doors in the imagination. Blythe is an endless adventure or a standardization of imagination?

phot by nanistore

photo by Nanistore

Julien Martinez

Julien Martinez
Julien Martinez

I immediately felt in love with this doll of Julien Martinez. Creepy, precious and sweet, materialize Alice's ambiguity, adventurer of under Ground worlds. The dance of fall is full of action and movement. 

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