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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

19 Mar 2011

New Alice's metamorphosis

Let's pretend that Alice crossed another door and has arrived in this beautiful story in a magic garden.

Pictor’s Metamorphoses by Hermann Hesse [1922]

( Taken from the book called Pictor’s metamorphoses and other fantasies)

Edited by Adriana Peliano

Hermann Hesse


Rooted to the spot, Pictor saw the other creatures in paradise continually transform themselves, Flowers would turn into precious stones or fly away as dazzling hummingbirds. Trees that stood beside him suddenly were gone: one turned into a running brook, another became a crocodile; still a third turned into a fish – full of life, it swam away joyfully. Elephants became massive rocks; giraffes became long-stemmed flowers. While all creating flowed into one magical stream of endless metamorphosis, Pictor could only look on.


Time passed as before, until one day a young girl lost her way in Paradise. She had blond hair; she wore a blue dress. She sang happy songs; dancing, she wended her way among the trees. Carefree, the girl had never thought of wishing for the gift of transformation.


The moment Pictor caught sight of her, he felt and intense longing, a firm resolve to recover his happiness.


Hearing a loud rusting in Pictor’s leaves, the girl turned her gaze on the tree. She looked up at its crown, and felt strange new feeling, desires, and dreams welling up in her heart. What was this unknown force that made her sit down in the shade of the tree? To her, the tree seemed lonely and sad, and yet beautiful, touching, and noble in its mute sorrow.


Clouds flew across the sky of her soul, heavy tears fell from her eyes. Her heart hurt her so, beat so hard; she felt it would burst out of her bosom. Why did it want to cleave to him, melt into him, the beautiful loner?


The moment the girl held the magical stone in her white hands, the single wish that filled her heart was answered. In a moment of rapture she became one with the tree, transformed as a strong, new bough that grew out of its trunk, higher and higher into the heavens.


Out of a half he had become a whole. Fulfilled, complete, he had attained the true, eternal transformation. The stream of continuing creation flowed through his blood, and he could go on changing forever and ever.

He became deer, he became fish, he became human, and Serpent, cloud and bird. In each new shape he was whole was a pair, held moon and sun, man and wife inside him. He flowed as a twin river through the lands, shone as a double star in the firmament.

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