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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

2 Oct 2010

Alice recipes

Recipe for Murder

"Thirty-two great hero-villains of literature lure the reader into the kitchen to sample their signature recipes. Estérelle Payany shares to-die-for recipes inspired by scoundrels from popular literature. Each chapter opens with an excerpt from the original story and quirky illustrations by Jean-François Martin featuring the criminal and his recipe. The Big Bad Wolf roasts three little pigs in their blankets while Snow White’s stepmother concocts bewitching caramel apples. The Queen of Hearts orders Alice to eat treacle tart while Long John Silver stocks the galley with sea biscuits. And although Shakespeare’s infamous Brutus can toss his Caesar salad in a mere ten minutes, Dracula’s paprika hendl is best when simmered from dusk until dawn. It is sure to be a duel to the end between Patrick Bateman’s truffled roast beef and Tom Ripley’s Venetian lemon chicken, but both can be paired nicely with a simple white bean salad from East of Eden’s Cathy Ames. This spirited collection drawing from fairy tales, literary classics, and contemporary favorites is as entertaining as the recipes are scrumptious (and harmless!). And with the winning ingredients in Recipe for Murder—famous literary thrillers and authentic home-style recipes—it would be a crime to pass up this diabolically scrumptious book!"

About the Author

"Estérelle Payany is a culinary journalist for women’s magazines and author of several cook books.

Jean-François Martin’s illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Time, The Los Angeles Times, The Progressive, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Le Monde. He has illustrated numerous children’s books, including Little Red Riding Hood and Marie Aubinais’ The Farm, The Sea, The Jungle, and Birds (Abbeville Kids)."

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Alice Eats Wonderland: A Cookbook

"Alice Eats Wonderland, “An Irreverent Annotated Cookbook Adventure,” is available now. Authored by by LCSNA members August A. Imholtz, Jr. and Alison Tannenbaum – aka Baumholtz (we like portmanteau names) – the cookbook follows the twelve chapter format of AAIW, but this time Alice gets a bit more to eat than cake and biscuits.

Menu items include Stuffed Dormouse, Jugged Hare and Iguana Tamales, but fear not for your favorite animal characters! (or at least, fear less!), the publisher, Applewood Books, reassures us: “Although many of the characters seem, alas, to be transformed into edible dishes during the adventure, the story has a surprisingly happy ending.”

We hear that Alice Eats Wonderland combines excerpts from the original text, scholarly notes and original illustrations with recipes to challenge, intrigue, and possibly upset, the most adventurous gastronome. Has anyone had a chance to sample the book? Has anyone jugged a hare? Please post your reviews and experiences in the comments below!"

Alice Eats Wonderland is available at $14.95 per copy, plus shipping, from Applewood Books, 1 River Road, Carlisle, MA, 01741. Phone: 781-271-0055; e-mail:

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