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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

10 Jul 2010

Alice by Brian Kaldorf

Brian Kaldorf

Com o advento da era digital, o universo visual de Alice sofreu um grande impacto e uma renovação e foram abertas múltiplas possibilidades de linguagem. Colagens e manipulações, misturas de fotos, desenhos, pinturas digitais são alguns recursos que guiam os novos ilustradores. Entre essas possibilidades, se destacam projetos que misturam fotografias de uma Alice real, com ambientes montados por bricolagens de referências. Entre esse novos artistas podemos citar Maggie Taylor, Kenneth Rougeau, Adriana Peliano (eu mesma) e Brian Kaldorf, entre vários outros.

The digital age was responsible for a big impact in the visual universe of Alice and have opened many possibilities of language. Collages and manipulations, mix of photos, drawings, digital paintings are some features that guide new illustrators. Among these possibilities, we highlight projects that mix photographs of a real Alice, with environments assembled by bricolages of references. Among the new artists we can mention Maggie Taylor, Kenneth Rougeau, Adriana Peliano (myself) and Brian Kaldorf, among many others.

"Brian Kaldorf is a rising star in the world of editorial & conceptual portrait photography. His works are often described as quirky, colorful & clever. Kaldorf has photographed everyone from celebrities to athletes, from models to political figures. His artwork has been displayed in both regional and national publications. Kaldorf is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh & is currently a member of the America Society of Media Photographers." Uncommon nonsense by Kenneth Rougeau

Visit the Wondeful site of Brian Kaldorf HERE and find more,

among trailers and the making off.

"I've never been interested in reality. Even as a small child,
I was more enamored with my own imaginations
rather that the word that was playing out before me. (...)" Brian Kaldorf

Brian Kaldorf

Brian Kaldorf

The idea of doing a retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland has intrigued me since well before I picked up a camera. I've always been enthralled with all the quirky little nuances that the book could portray. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be neat to do my own Alice story with my own spin on it - visually?

Over the months that followed I busied myself trying to create my version of the fairy tale. It was important for me to capture the essence of the original story, while still maintaining my own visual stylings. (...)" Brian Kaldorf

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