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26 May 2010

Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Marilyn Mason

"Um escritor assombrado em um castelo isolado é atormentado por noites insônia e visões de uma garota chamada Alice. Ele se encontra tornando-se um sintoma de sua própria invenção."

Phantasmagoria é uma série de acontecimentos envolvendo mudanças drásticas de intensidade de luzes e cores; e também muitas vezes interpretado como um estado abstrato onde o real e o imaginário se misturam.

A palavra Phantasmagoria também pode se referir a:

Phantasmagoria, um poema de Lewis Carroll.
Phantasmagoria, um filme de Marilyn Manson.

Download as Phantasmagorias de Lewis Carroll AQUI


"Phantasmagoria" is the opening and most major poem that appeared in a collection of poems written by Lewis Carroll and published by Macmillan in London for the first time in 1869. The collection was published under both the title Rhyme? and Reason? and Phantasmagoria. It is Lewis Carroll's longest poem.

Phantasmagoria is divided into seven cantos which are named:

Canto 1. The Trysting
Canto 2. Hys Fyve Rules
Canto 3. Scarmoges
Canto 4. Hys Nouryture
Canto 5. Byckerment
Canto 6. Dyscomfyture
Canto 7. Sad Souvenaunce

Published in 1869, Phantasmagoria was published by Macmillan and Co., London, the same publishers of the Alice books. The original edition has a blue cardboard cover with a gold embossed cover illustration and gold embossed edges and spine. Phantasmagoria is a narrative discussion written in seven cantos between a ghost (a Phantom) and a man named Tibbets. Carroll portrays the ghost as not so different from human beings. They may gibber and jangle their chains, but they, like us, simply have a job to do and that job is to haunt.

Just as in our society, in ghost society there is a hierarchy and ghosts (for there are different orders of ghosts, he tells the narrator) are answerable to the King who must be addressed as “Your Royal Whiteness.” There is even a Knight Mayor, whose job it is to give you “nightmares” (of course) and if you don’t know him, the Phantom tells us, “Either you never go to bed, / Or you’ve a grand digestion!” Lastly, there is Inspector Kobold whose bones became cold and he caught a “sort of chill”. After that, Inspector Kobold can only quench his thirst and rid himself of his chill by visiting his hunting ground which happens to be inns where they serve port-wine; hence his name, the “Inn-Spectre”.

If any of the rules are not followed, ghosts are answerable to a higher authority for not following the ‘Maxims of Behaviour” (they must answer to the previously mentioned His Royal Whiteness).

The Phantom visitor here is a shy creature, white and wavy, and a little nervous. He has caught a cold, he says, “out there upon the landing” and when the narrator turns to look he sees, “A little ghost was standing!” It’s a one-ghost house, the little ghost tells us. Many ghosts can occupy a house, depending on the number of ghosts the house can accommodate. Some ghosts house more than one ghost, but this one is just for one.

Phantasmagoria is essentially a narrative in cantos about the Whys and Hows of ghosts and how they must live and how they like to live, for they do have, ironically, a life. Ghosts just are, and they are nothing to be feared although they do try to do their job so that if the “Victim” begins to snore, they have utterly failed (because they were ignored). But being a ghost is a job like any other job, the Phantom tells him, recounting the little pay and the hard work involved.
Ghosts, our Phantom tells the narrator, fear the same things that we often fear, only sometimes it is the reverse (note that Carroll also liked to reverse things in his books and also was keen on mirror-writing; backward writing and was very adept at it). As the ghost tells us about the
play between reversals;

“Allow me to remark
That ghosts has just as good a right,
In every way to fear the light,
As men to fear the dark.”

fonte: Wikipedia.

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