Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

11 May 2020

Mad tea party in V&A read by Richard E Grant

CREATIVE JUICE BY RIBENA SUPPORTS WANDER: Episode 1 - Richard E Grant reads his favourite passage from 'Alice in Wonderland' at the Victoria & Albert Museum - Part 1

travellig trough the heart

27 Apr 2020

Alice is always bringing new ideas

“Alice in wonderland” è un tema che mi affascina molto, che si ripresenta spesso a distanza di tempo, facendomi sempre sbizzarrire con nuove idee."

Francesco Corli

 Francesco Corli

"Alice in Wonderland is not just a book about transformation, but the book itself is also in transformation, through pictures and conversations traveling in space (different cultures), time (different eras), and beyond. When the Alice illustrators and artists find the Cheshire Cat in their readings, they wonder which paths to take and partake of. All the paths are possible; it is our turn to decide. We are always invited to make our own choices. Each picture unfolds a new possibility to the reader and the viewer, creating an amazing maze of simultaneous tracks, intertwining the lines of the text in an exciting game of mirrors in a mise en abyme. We are all together in this journey, and the route to take depends on where each one wants to go."
the path of curiouserism

10 Apr 2020

Alicedelic alicinnations by Mary Blair

"Alice in Wonderland Mary Blair Concept Painting ""Oh, Mr. Rabbit!", Alice calls as she curiously chases after her tardy companion. This is an original concept painting from the Walt Disney Studios production Alice in Wonderland (1951). This hand-painted design features Alice chasing the White Rabbit through a path you would only find in Wonderland. This painting was created by Disney Legend Mary Blair, and it captures the style and surreal imagery that Mary brought to life so well in her designs. It was created at the studio and used during the film's development, in order to develop the scene's color pallette and overall feel of the environment. The overall measurements of the piece are and the image takes up the entire board except a small white margin. The painting is accomplished with paints on illustration board is in very good condition with pin holes in the corners from studio use."