Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

7 Jan 2017

Alice is still a great puzzle like an ingredient of a strange alchemy!

Object: Sculpture
 Place of origin: Amsterdam (assembled)
Date: 1999 (assembled)
Artist/Maker: Meitner, Richard (artist)
 Materials and Techniques: lamp-blown glass and found objects

Thanks to the tip of Mark Richards.

5 Jan 2017

Amazing Mary Blair concept paintings for Alice in Wonderland

"Rare original Mary Blair color concept paintings for Alice in Wonderland - (Walt Disney Studios 1951) An incredibly rare set of nine preliminary thumbnail concept paintings by Mary Blair featuring some of the most iconic imagery from the film. Blair was responsible for the look and style of this feature. Accomplished in gouache on paper, each measuring 3 in. x 3 ¾ in. Alice is shown with the Cheshire Cat, Alice peering into the Tulgey Wood, the Queen’s guards, the Rabbit hole, two views of the Rabbit running, and others. This set of studies was published in Lella Smith’s book, Once Upon a Time: Walt Disney [Prestel, 2007], in which Smith noted, “the experimentation involved in [Disney’s film making] process is evident in the brilliant colored studies done by Mary Blair for Alice in Wonderland.” source

what is this?

Alice, Bewildered

"Deep in the wood where things escape their names,
Her childish arm draped round the fawn’s soft neck
(Her diffidence, its skittishness in check,
Merged in the anonymity that tames),
She knits her brow, but nothing now reclaims
The syllables that meant herself. Ah well,
She need not answer to the grown-up beck
And call, the rote-learned lessons, scolds and blames
 Of girlhood, sentences to parse and gloss;
She’s un-twinned from the likeness in the glass.
Yet in the dark ellipsis she can tell,
She’s certain, that her name begins with “L”—
Liza, Lacie? Alias, alas, A lass alike alone and at a loss."

A. E. Stallings

source: VQR 

"Neil Gaiman's Twitter brought to our attention this poem about Alice in the wood where things have no names." LCSNA's facebook