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18 Apr 2014

 Adriana Peliano

Adriana Peliano

  Adriana Peliano

Criação Adriana Peliano
Arte em relevo Laurinda Soares

Conheça as imagens originais de John Tenniel, peças desse corta cabeças.

"… foi quando minhas entre saias se transformaram em borboletras e nossas aventuras mergulharam num quebra cabeças de onde fui bebendo imagens poéticas e chorando lágrimas gozozas de alicedélicas insinuações. 

Meu vestido é também cortina que descortina reinos inclasssificáveis te convidando para nos abrir e então fechar lentamente os olhos ávidos e começar um novo jogo, bebendo lágrimas de magicósmicas alicinações. 

Três Crisalices vieram dançando florescidas de um temenos enigmágico que semeio em sonhos. 
Testemunho o renascimento da fauna e da flora do jardim de psicodelícias e desejos de transformar-me sempre de novo em mim mesma sim.  

 Espécies raras amoralúcidas dançam em camadas de pétalas mediúnicas de vôos impensáveis em noites alicinantes e amaravilhosas, sem nunca mais ter fim." 

PELIANO, Adriana. Cartas, dia rios e noites adentro de Alix Alux. País das Maravilhas: Alicinações, 2014.

 Criação:  Adriana Peliano 
 Laurinda Soares: arte em relevo

Essas imagens fazem parte de uma exposição de arte erótica que….

13 Apr 2014

Alicenations by Wolfe von Lenkiewicz

Displacing and condensation are the basic jobs of dreams in freudian terms. Beyond that, I deeply honor the Great spirit of Collage awakened by Surrealism in Modern times and its practice has been my main artistic field and path for lucid dreams.

Here these pictures by Wolfe von Lenkiewicz reveal its potency in a magnificent and disturbing way renewing our inexhaustible diving in Alice's wells and hells. Picture like that  “re-sequence” cultural material decanted in our collective experience and open doors not just for the repressed unconscious or the collective archetypes but to the search for the elixir of eternal youth through creation and transformation. I loved that. Brings pure alicinatory state.

" Wolfe von Lenkiewicz is an artist who employs some of the most well-known imagery in the history of art to create startling new forms that appear strangely familiar to the viewer – “re-sequencing” iconic works into contemporary pieces with a technique that intentionally mirrors that of genetic manipulation. For his forthcoming exhibition I Have An Excellent Idea Let’s Change The Subject he has re-sequenced John Tenniel’s classic illustrations from Alice In Wonderland, creating a heroine who references everything from the mysteries of alchemy to the cubist abstraction of Picasso. "

found at My Life in Violet

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 

"The Torment of Saint Anthony"

 "Nursery Alice" 
Sir. John Tenniel, 1890.

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 

Read about Alice and cubism.

"Portrait of Maya with her Doll". 

Pablo Picasso, 1938.

 "Nursery Alice" 
Sir. John Tenniel, 1890.

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 

"Seated Woman"
 Pablo Picasso, 1937 

 "Nursery Alice" 
Sir. John Tenniel, 1890.

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 

Alchemical wedding

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 
 01: ... NOTHING BUT A PACK OF CARDS (LENK 2011 025) 
 Pencil on Japanese restoration paper 73 x 56 cm 2011 

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 
 Pencil on Japanese restoration paper 73 x 56 cm 2011 

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz 
Pencil on Japanese restoration paper 73 x 56 cm 2011

find More A-maze-ing Alice inpiredo work on:

"Wolfe von Lenkiewicz (born 1966) is a British artist known for his artistic reconfigurations of well-known imageries from art history and visual culture to create ambiguous compositions that question art historical discourses.He lives and works in London."

thanks to Joel Birenbaum and "Alice150: Celebrating Wonderland"

Know another “re-sequenced” Alices.

5 Apr 2014

Aventuras de Alicia Bajo Tierra with pictures by Leonor Solans

Aventuras de Alicia Bajo Tierra 

 Tr. Modest Solans Mur Ill. 
Illustrations Leonor Solans,  2012 

 “It’s dreamy weather we’re on” 
Tom Waits

 "Last Christmas my dear friend Leonor Solans, an amazing Spanish artist, sent me a gift that evoked treasured memories of golden summer days. She had recreated Alice’s Adventures under Ground in huge, vibrant oil paintings that allow us to witness a girl in her intimate, curiouser and curiouser dreams. These paintings were born last year in celebration of 150 years of our beloved green-cover manuscript dedicated to a single, precious, real Alice by a man who knew how to share wonder and fancy in ever lovelier and lovelier ways, and how to depict a girl in her strength and beauty. Leonor seems to follow his call.

Leonor Solans

 Leonor’s father, Modest Solans, exchanged what became this book with his daughter as a love gift, translating the original story. In turn, her paintings were first presented in an art exhibition, which turned into a video with Tom Waits’ Alice as the landscape waiting for Alice to awaken. Following that, like a dream inside a dream, some of those paintings jumped into this book. It seems alive, inviting in whispers, “Open me, read me, adventure yourself in the dance of my pages.” Like Carroll’s own illustrations to the manuscript, the girl at one precise moment faces us looking into our eyes, which gives the disturbing feeling that she is not just part of someone else’s dream, but is aware that are all dreaming together. Always Alice, always anew, Leonor invites us to recover the unknown and challenge our most cherished dreams.

Leonor Solans

 The art living in the book welcomes Alice in her dive into the potency of life. In the pictures, unique Alices play being themselves, with eager eyes and willing bodies flowing in the textures and colors and rhythms and lights through an enchanted girlhood, forever in flux and becoming. They are not just scenes of the narrative of the story, but living states of magic discoveries. We know that Tenniel’s drawings are too rigid and formal to allow flows of subjectivity, body sensations, subtle feelings, vital experiences. Here these Alices are not just looking to come back home or to catch a rabbit. Her rabbit this time, like some other characters, is just an ink mark, blurred, as if it had turned into its shape through her and our imaginations and figuring minds. The cover, ah! It shows Alice with the caterpillar posed like a question mark, and her wonder wandering turns into the greatest puzzle and never-ending question, as she threads through Carroll’s living dreams and labyrinths, looking for the most beautiful garden even seen.

Leonor Solans

 Flipping through the book and diving into its adventure, here she dreams in a dreamy weather, there she jumps freely into the page as a blank map. Here she faces the secrecy in a key hole, there she plays growing smaller and bigger with a magic key. Here she drinks desire to become another, there she experiences her tears with the whole body. Here she befriends animals with excitement, there is defied and accused by strange beasts. Here she folds into herself, conquering her own empowered, intimate space, there she finds the tree of life with its call for inner mysteries. Here she dares venture into foreign gardens and curious games, facing strangeness and amusement; at the end we are allowed us to see the unfinished painting dissolving in the canvas to prepare for her awakening. We go out of pictures and representations, conversations and the written story, and come to be our own Alices in our own reality, pregnant with new surprises and adventures."

Adriana Peliano
 Knight Letter Volume II Issue 21 Number 91 (Fall 2013);
©2013 The Lewis Carroll Society of North America.

Leonor Solans

7 Feb 2014

Alice Allis and Lissy Elle

"Agora, que chegaste à idade avançada de quinze anos, Maria da Graça, eu te dou este livro: Alice no País das Maravilhas.

Este livro é doido, Maria. Isto é: o sentido dele está em ti.

Escuta: se não descobrires um sentido na loucura acabarás louca. Aprende, pois, logo de saída para a grande vida, a ler este livro como um simples manual do sentido evidente de todas as coisas, inclusive as loucas. Aprende isso a teu modo, pois te dou apenas umas poucas chaves entre milhares que abrem as portas da realidade."

Paulo Medes Campos

Lissy Elle 

"I came up with the idea for this tattoo in the first couple weeks after I moved to New York City... 

I would go home to my apartment overwhelmed and I would curl up in a ball on my bed and read Alice in Wonderland and remember ... running around in my forest and baking cookies with my mom and building forts and cutting out paper stars and falling into rabbit holes and I decided I never wanted to lose that part of myself." "I want to 'see through Alice’s eyes forever'." 

 found at paint like a canvas

29 Jan 2014

Alicedelic dreams


Gift animations of Disney Alice in a trippy background.
All pictures found at Soup von Alice-in-Wonderland 

"Inspired by Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland, the designing duo behind Romance Was Born (Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales) created a psychedelic collection that took a bite out of both sides of the mushroom. It was equal parts whimsical and wacky, magical and mad, presenting Cheshire Cat jumpsuits, princess-themed dresses and mushroom-embellished sweaters on a set so sweet it could have given you a toothache. Literally, in fact, given that it was made out of sugar by sugar-craft artist Tanya Schultz of Pip and Pop."
found at maisonmouse

Alicedelic Alices from 60'.

my dearest:

selection in progress:

Emacs!Emacs!    Emacs!

Blotter Acid sheet:


"Psychedelics, Baby! 

The Psychedelic Interpretation, more than some of the others, has its roots in popular culture, specifically with Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” The lyrics, written by Grace Slick, include a lot of Alice imagery, as well as some not-so-subtle drug references, which nevertheless were subtle enough to make it past the radio censors in 1967. 

The song was enormously popular and inspired many other artists to explore the connection between Alice and recreational drug use, until Alice was essentially the mascot of ‘60s and ‘70s drug culture. In fact, as Scott Parker points out, “the association of drugs with Alice is so established that alice is now a slang term for LSD” (138)."

continue reading about  Psychedelic Interpretations of Alice in Wonderland at

Curiouser and curiouser the Evolution of Wonderland

Elizabeth McTaggart
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