Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

4 Mar 2016

Alice in Wonderland inspired surreal art launched at Guildford gallery by Peter Smith

Some principles seems to guide new Alice's adventures in multiple arts and dimensions...

1 - Every time Alice falls into the rabbit whole a new adventure slightly or greatly different will succed.

2 - The characters move alive around the story and its plots meeting other ones in mixed and twisted mad geometries.

3 -  Portals are openned bringing characters from other wonder and fairy lands to cross imaginary borders in one extended wondercosmos.

4 - Since Alice pretends to be too people and keep changing and searching for her identity, new Alices are hybrid, multiple and metamorphic.

5 - Wonderland characters and games, and paradoxes and questions flow out of the book and movies and incorporate new lifes, sometimes curious, creative, queer and exciting, some times dull, silly and tedious. Different peaces of mushroom are available for artists and travellers.

6 - Pictures become great puzzles, the observer is defied not to mount it, but to unmount to recognize new operations of meaning, surprise and curiouserism.

7 - Alice is a dream always dreamt again, and all can dream togheter, like dreams inside dreams.  But if life is but a dream, who is dreaming?

Adriana Peliano

Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Peter Smith 

Peter Smith

"A new collection of surreal art inspired by Alice in Wonderland has launched at a Guildford gallery. 

Artist Peter Smith has created the paintings and sculptures to mark the 150th anniversary of the Lewis Carroll novel, and they are on display at Castle Fine Art. 

Carroll, who lived in Guildford, also wrote the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass which was published in 1871. 

The six oil painting and four sculptures include the familiar characters of Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Caterpiller and the White Rabbit. 
(... )
 Mr Smith said: “We couldn’t ignore the fact that Alice in Wonderland celebrates its 150th birthday this year. 

“Be prepared to view a different kind of Wonderland, a Wonderland twisted and crafted around classic literature mixed with fairy tales through the eyes of a very different Alice.” 

 Joni Hodgkiss, gallery manager for Castle Fine Art, said: “Peter’s new collection invites the viewer into a wondrous world of surrealism and symbolism. 

“Fans of the work can take pleasure in this collection on two levels, the expertly painted compositions – which Peter painstakingly built in clay before painting – and the story behind them."


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