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1 Sep 2015

Florist told to remove display model of Alice in Wonderland's caterpillar after council said she was breaking anti-smoking laws

Classic character: The caterpillar featured in Disney's 1951 Alice in Wonderland animation 
and sits on a wooden toadstool in Ms Schofield's shop window.

"The caterpillar is perched on a toadstool in the shop with an unlit pipe 
 The Blackburn officer suspected that the florist was running a 'shisha den' 
 The Disney character blows smoky letters at Alice in the 1951 animation
Owner Debbie Schofield described the officer's visit as 'surreal'"

"Not amused: Debbie Schofield outside her flower shop, 
which a council officer suspected might be a shisha den as it has a wooden caterpillar holding a pipe in the window"

Creative: Ms Schofield said that she considered giving the caterpillar
 an electronic cigarette to appease the council  

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