Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

26 Nov 2015

Kendall Jenner in (“wonder-dot-land”) in This Season's Fantastic Looks

photographed by MERT MARCUS PIGGOTT

"The pyrotechnics of Lewis Carroll’s imagination thrive on the London stage in, a new, hypermodernized tale of Alice and her follies. Kendall Jenner—with some fantastical friends—trips down the rabbit hole in the season’s splendors."

found at VOGUE

 Are Your Dreams at Night 3 Sizes Too Big?
photographed by Mert Marcus Piggott 

Falling Up
photographed by Mert Marcus Piggott 

Flight of Fancy
photographed by Mert Marcus Piggott 

Small World
photographed by Mert Marcus Piggott 

Smoke & Mirrors
photographed by Mert Marcus Piggott 

Hare Raising
photographed by Mert Marcus Piggott 

Layers of Intrigue
photographed by Mert Marcus Piggott 

"As the twentieth century progressed, the concept of illustration underwent profound transformations, in dialogue with the radical changes happening in the visual arts. Artists broke down the barriers between the outside world and the experiences of the mind, questioning the idea of a mimetic approach to illustration. The transformations in the universe of the arts and counterculture were re-creating Alice’s experiences in the mêlée of her dream world and wonderland. At the end of that century, Alice’s looking-glass shattered into a million pieces, spreading within the collective imagination new meta-Alices in a nonsensical, magical hourglass of alicinations. 

 The artists and illustrators were driven to discover or invent new relationships between text and pictures. The identity of the subject was subverted by the allure of the unknown and inexplicable. Rather than repeat, illustrators started to provoke and transgress. They questioned the classic idea that art should imitate or interpret an exterior reality. They also began to seek out subversion, paradox, and experimentation. The present time is filled with otherness and difference. Intertextual readings, metalanguage, multiple assemblies, nonlinear narratives. Abracadabra!"

Fragment from The hunting of Alice in 7 fits  by Adriana Peliano

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