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11 Sep 2015

ALICE IN BOOKLAND exhibition at the Book Club of California


Curated by Mark Burstein 
 May 18 - August 24 / 2015

Collage by Adriana Peliano

"Join curator Mark Burstein for an intimate look at the Book Club of California's exhibition Alice in Bookland, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland's original Macmillan publication. Burstein's love for Alice has led him to serve many positions at the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and on August 20, he'll be speaking about the works on view from a collection very close to his heart--The Mark and Sandor Burstein collection--right before the exhibition comes down. 

On display at the club are some of the finest rare editions of Alice in Wonderland, including the limited edition bearing the illuminations of Salvador Dalí (1969), a Black Sun Press volume with pictures by Marie Laurencin (1930), and the Cheshire Cat Press editions (1988 and 1998), hand-typeset on handmade paper with fine bindings by Eleanor Ramsey. Also on display are beautiful editions of Carroll's Hunting of the Snark, Through the Looking-glass, and an array of international editions. It's a can't-miss for any Carroll fan, or lovers of the art of illustration."

Following photos: Lesya Westerman

Photos: Lesya Westerman

"A former Printer’s Devil of the Roxburghe Club, Mark Burstein claims to be genetically predisposed to loving the Alice books. He has served the Lewis Carroll Society of North America as chairman of the publication committee; editor of its magazine, Knight Letter; series editor of The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll; vice president; and president. In addition, he has edited, introduced, or contributed to fourteen books on Carroll, including, as editor and art director, the forthcoming Annotated Alice: The 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (W. W. Norton, fall 2015) and Alice in Wonderland: Dodgson, Dalí, and the Fourth Dimension (Princeton University Press, fall 2015)."

Mark's collection in its tower home

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