Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

12 Jul 2015

Curious Alice by Glenda Sburelin

Alice in Wonderland is definitely not a love story,
but invites us to love the story in a love story, and doing so, facing the same always anew,
 to soon fall in love again in pictures and conversations.

How can resist facing these precious and lovely adventures dreamed by the italian artist Glenda Sburelin?

What makes me shiver and love them?
Could be the delicate balance between cuteness and incompleteness as white roses waiting to be paintend by heart.
The description of characters and the narrative are crossed by diagrams, letters and clock engines,
is it a fairy tale or a poetic mathematic equation?
Trees are labyrinths and tears flow as river branches.

Alice plays through the pages and their vivid colors and sweet disproportions
are crossed by Alice's vibrant metamorphic body, a moving map to wander wonders.
Alice seems to be alive and redraw over her own story.

Glenda Sburelin knows how to play Alice trough games of words challenging dreams 
and magic lands in one endless adventure where Alice, as the readers and the lovers, all fabulous monsters, can dare to reinvent ourselves. 

Glenda Sburelin 

Glenda Sburelin 

Glenda Sburelin 

Glenda Sburelin 

Glenda Sburelin 

Thanks to Cheshire Cat Catrroll who gave me the tip of this artist.

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