Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

9 Jan 2013

What does ‘wonder’ mean to you?

 "Wonder means testing your brain using your imagination and thinking about things you don’t know the answer to." 

 "I like the idea that wonder is the start of something new, like in Alice in wonderland everything was completely new to Alice."

"What is wonder? I’m not sure, but I think fear prevents us from wondering. Alice was fearless most of the time." 
Tate Member 

 "Wonder is a passion and is somewhat of an emotion. We use wonder to explore the mysteries of the world and to be intrigued by the treasures and things we find."
Nikki Perreault

"To wonder is to contemplate about the infinite possibilities your imagination can create." 
Maggie Winn 

 "It is the force behind all new thoughts" 
Wife of 'F of T' 

 "I think wonder keeps us alive! Our spirits continue on their journey, as we learn, seek, wonder." 
I think 

 "Wonder is an attempt to consider anything that surpasses our understanding or imagination!" 
M. R. 

text from TATE - Wondermind 

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