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26 Jan 2013

Multiple identities and a fundamental fear

 "The important question is this: what is about the dynamics of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that makes it simultaneously a horror experience for children and a comic delight for adults?"


"The dynamic tensions that Alice's in Wonderland establishes between two poles - the reader as adult and that adult reader as child - create in their oppositions and interpenetrations a kind of comedy that reaches the most fundamental incongruities in human existence, the ones that reside, paradoxically separate and yet fused, in each adult reader's multiple identities."

Donald Rackin

Laughing and Grief: 
What's so funny About Alice in Wonderland?

in. Lewis Carroll Observed.
Edited by Edward Guiliano
New York: Clarkson N. Potter, 1976.

drawings: Lewis Carroll / Alice's Adventures under Ground


For Eugène Ionesco Alice is a pure nightmare, celebrating its power of subversion. The work approaches, he said, the closest to the views of children, which is "full of terror"
where the logic of adults hide "the fundamental fear".

Sophie Marret. Lacan sobre Lewis Carroll. 
in. ORNICAR. De Jacques Lacan à Lewis Carroll. 
Organização Jacques-Alain Miller. 
Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Editor, 2004.


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