Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

26 Jan 2011

Alice by Aya Kato

Art nouveau + manga + graphic design + ukiyoe wood block prints + baroque = AYA KATO designs.

Aya Kato's Alice is a gift for the imagination. It is subtle, melancholic, oneiric.
She calls us to travel around curves, borders, shadows, blurs, mists.
She involves us in a mythic time though the ecstasy of beauty and strangeness.



All images by Aya Kato

"Tendency to artwork
The world of harmony of new sense.
Female image in new age.
The world of mental beauty.
Wish to artwork
I want to wake up a lot of souls that the person is sleeping in the innermost recesses of the heart as much as possible by using my maximum imagination.
The world that I want to aim is the following. It is the world where a lot of people including me recalled own history. The world where root of soul and group of soul were recalled. The world where oun true hope was recalled. It is the world that combines with the earth through the mind (oneself).
I believe that the wonderful world is born from LOVE: Mind that loves neighbors. All members who live in the earth are neighbors.
I am expecting new Japan in a new age.Therefore, I want to tie to the Japanese in the future a Japanese spirit that Samurai's wish(New spirit that added spirit of love that embraces everything to Bushido).
I am purely making the moment of the pleasure of alive. (I am born through me) This is foundation of all works."

Aya Kato
Site of the artist

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