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Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

7 Nov 2010

Get Back In Your Book by Lissy Elle

“Terminar um livro significa abrir a última porta 
para que nunca mais se feche.” 
Giorgio Manganelli

Finishing a book means opening the last door to never close anymore. 

Lissy Elle

Lissy Elle

Lissy Elle

Lissy Elle

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Lissy Elle mostrou então uma fora de se ler Alice. É preciso ficar descalço, sujar os pés, vestir um vestido azul com avental branco. É preciso ser Alice por um tempo, chegar bem perto para enxergar as paisagens dentro do livro e então voar. Os livros se tornam objetos de desejo e nossos corpos se lançam no espaço, não sabemos se somos nós que entramos nos livros ou o mundo do livro que transborda suas páginas.

"...Todorov's greatest contribution to literary theory was his defining of the Fantastic, the fantastic uncanny, and the fantastic marvelous. Todorov defines the fantastic as being any event that happens in our world that seems to be supernatural. Upon the occurrence of the event, we must decide if the event was an illusion or whether it is real and has actually taken place. (...)

Upon choosing whether the event was real or imaginary, Todorov says that we enter into the genres of uncanny and marvelous. In the fantastic uncanny, the event that occurs is actually an illusion of some sort. The "laws of reality" remain intact and also provide a rational explanation for the fantastic event. Todorov gives examples of dreams, drugs, illusions of the senses, madness, etc. as things that could explain a fantastic/supernatural event. 

In the fantastic marvelous, the supernatural event that occurs has actually taken place and therefore the "laws of reality" have to be changed to explain the event. Only if the implied reader cannot opt for one or the other possibility is the text purely fantastic..."


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