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28 Jun 2010

Queen of Hats

Gertrude Shilling talvez tenha sido a mulher mais extravagante que houve na Inglaterra. Uma vez ao ano - durante o Royal Ascot (a grande disputa de jóqueis no país) Gertrude fazia suas aparições performáticas com chapéus absurdos criados por seu filho David Shilling. Usou peças em forma de maçã, ferradura, girafa. De tão grande, alguns chapéus precisavamir sozinhos em um carro, enquanto Getrude seguia para o evento em outro.

This is Gertrude Shilling, mother of the milliner David Shilling. She was a wonderful eccentric and every year her hats were the talking point of Ascot. She always had to get dressed around the corner because she couldn't fit into the car, and one year her hat was so big that she couldn't even get through the gates.

Fashion designer David Shilling’s dramatic hats and outfits, caused a media sensation when he created them in the 1970s. His creations have continued to re-invent our attitudes to headwear, emphasising the power of hats as visual statements that emphasise gender and status.

David and Gertrude Shilling

Johnny Deep as Willy Wonka

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